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Amor y Muerte

Mixed media on 5-1/2 x 48 inch pine.

Amor Mio

A heart-shaped tin shrine.

Poppy Postcards

A small set of painted postcards.

Tall Narrow Journal

Pages in an circle journal book that wasn’t quite filled when it came home.

Day of the Dead Postcards

I made these two postcards for patrons on Patreon.

La Pintora (The Painter)

Mixed media on 18 x 24 inch canvas.

La Patrona (The Patron Saint)

Acrylic on 24 x 48 inch canvas.

Frida Postcards

A set of 32 postcards for a swap at Ten Two Studios.

Sunflower Postcards

A set of six mixed-media postcards.

La Musica Es Mi Vida

Mixed media on 12×48 pine.

Loni’s Herbal Pages

Two sets of altered book pages, with shallow niches sandwiched between them.

Got Boots? Postcards

A set of six postcards for a swap at Mixed Media Club.

Katie’s Colorful Pages

A 14 page tabbed altered book layout.

Spell Book Round Robin (2016)

A four person round robin.

Springtime in Texas Postcards

A set of 15 postcards made for a swap at Mixed Media Club.