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Sombra del Corazon

Mixed media on 24 x 24 inch pine plywood.

Aunt Maude’s Magic

A magical wall book.

Vote You Out

Inspired by a tweet.

Inktober 2018

Daily drawings from the month of October.

Skellie Necklaces

Random skellie jewelry, because a girl can never have too many skulls to wear…


Mixed media on a 24 inch luan plywood square.

Colored Fabric Postcards

I have a big box of crayons, and am not afraid to use them.


Inspired by the black-clad protesters at the Supreme Court.

Inspiring Women

Digital sketches.

We Welcome the Sun

A design to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Pink, Orange & Purple Postcards

A set of four postcards, with a limited palette.

It’s Not Pie

One of my favorite expressions.

Not Your Bacon

Another vegan-inspired poster.

Pink Hair

Inspired by my own pink hair.

Not Your Bacon Burger

Another vegan-inspired poster.