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Altered Books

A Year of Altered Books RR (2015)

At the end of 2014, I asked some of the students in my first A Year of Altered Books class if they’d like to do a round robin. These are my pages from that project.

Reborn Books

These have been deconstructed, and then rebuilt to create a totally different type of book.

Wall Books

These books are all designed to hang on the wall.

Dark RR (2010-2011)

A large round robin project dedicated to work that’s somewhat uncomfortable, dark, and strange. Some of this stuff may be disturbing, so don’t click through if you’re looking for kitties and rainbows. You’ve been warned!

BYOB RR (2010)

This round robin, started in the summer of 2010, required participants to bind their own books.

Design Team RR (2010)

To start off 2010, I decided to organize a little round robin amongst some of the members of my design team at Ten Two Studios.

Antoinette (2008)

I started a book about Marie Antoinette in August, 2008. Although it was not part of a formal round robin, I exchanged books with a few friends who are working on the same theme.

North Texas RR (2008)

In January 2008, I joined a round robin at my local mixed media art group. Each artist was free to choose any theme for her book.