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Art Journals

Circle Journal Project

In 2017, I’m doing a circle journal project with some longtime arty friends. This is my work in that project.

My Big Fat Journal

All the work in this book is 15×20 inches unless otherwise noted. I told you it was big…

One On One (2013)

In early 2013, I agreed to pass journals back and forth with Amy McDonald. Here’s my half of the collaboration.

Dark Circle Journal (2012)

I fell into a dark circle journal project on Facebook, and decided to do something dark, colorful, and a little humorous.

The Sketchbook Project (2012)

In 2011, I signed up to do The Sketchbook Project. Everyone gets the same journal, and a theme, and can do whatever they wish with it.

Journaling Classes

In 2011, I took some visual journaling classes online. These pages are from those classes.