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Colored Fabric Postcards

I have a big box of crayons, and am not afraid to use them.

Pink, Orange & Purple Postcards

A set of four postcards, with a limited palette.

#NeverAgain Postcards

A set of four postcards, made for patrons on Patreon.

Found Poetry Postcards

A random assortment of postcards.

Small But Mighty Postcards

A set of seven handmade postcards, made for patron rewards on Patreon.

You Are Here Postcards

Map-themed postcards for a swap.

Black & White Postcards

A set of five handmade postcards, made for a swap and Patreon patron rewards.

Heart Postcards

Two postcards, made for rewards on Patreon.

Make 100: Handmade Heart Postcards

In 2017, I did a Make 100 project on Kickstarter, and created a bunch of handmade postcards, pendants, and printed postcards. These are images from that project.

January Postcards

A set of six handmade postcards.

Poppy Postcards

A small set of painted postcards.

Day of the Dead Postcards

I made these two postcards for patrons on Patreon.

Frida Postcards

A set of 32 postcards for a swap at Ten Two Studios.

Sunflower Postcards

A set of six mixed-media postcards.

Got Boots? Postcards

A set of six postcards for a swap at Mixed Media Club.