Category: Posters

Vote You Out

Inspired by a tweet.


Inspired by the black-clad protesters at the Supreme Court.

We Welcome the Sun

A design to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

It’s Not Pie

One of my favorite expressions.

Not Your Bacon

Another vegan-inspired poster.

Pink Hair

Inspired by my own pink hair.

Not Your Bacon Burger

Another vegan-inspired poster.

Poor People’s Campaign Posters

Downloadable posters, designed for the Poor People’s Campaign.

Not Your Nuggets

Poster design, for no reason other than I felt like it.

Brushes Not Bombs

A poster design, in response to the bombing of Syria.

Art Not Guns

A poster design, inspired by Amanda Palmer, and March For Our Lives.

Power to the Polls Posters

I created these posters to submit to Amplifier’s call for art, for the Women’s March Power to the Polls campaign.