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Not So Weekly

Why I’m taking a break from writing here.


All about the whole Art Journal Madness project.

Things I’ve Done So Far

A very long list of disconnected randomness.


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Too Many Things

’tis the season to do yard work.

You Should Rethink That, Kanye

Not everything is about what you like.

Don’t Be Bitter

Because there’s plenty of success to go around.

Say Something

In which I learn something is better than nothing.

The Art of Asking

This book. You should read it.

Be Nice, or Be Gone

No comment.

Farewell, 2014

As I cough out the old year, and ramble into the new…

The Plan

Wherein I wrangle 2015 to the ground, and make it mine.

Making Art

No, it’s not acid-free. Neither am I.

Goodbye, HubPages

Why I decided to pack up my content, and move it elsewhere.

Weekly Fail

Not so much weekly as monthly, I guess.

I’m Just Everywhere

I’m all over the place this week.

Just 10 Pages

New dog. New project. New artwork.

This is Jack

…who is alternately clever, and small of brain.

RIP Weevil Wigglebutt

Twenty pounds of unconditional love, wrapped in an attractive, furry package.


With so much going on, how can I feel so non-creative?